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Hello  - welcome to our website

If you've come here by accident you might be a bit disappointed!


However ...


You might have come here because you received a telephone call, or maybe an email from someone at Bankwood and perhaps you hadn't heard of us before.


This is because we spend all our time and effort helping our clients by preparing and publishing quality commemorative souvenir programmes for their special events - and to raise extra funds for them we sell advertising space in these programmes.


These organisations and their events are much more interesting than us!


Over the years (38 years and counting) we have been under contract with a huge number of businesses, national charities, music and arts organisations, sport events providers and more -- most of them returning to us year after year.


If you have such a need please contact us to discuss how we can help you too!


To find out more please click on the 'Gallery' tab.


If you have already booked an advertisement and have been asked to supply artwork please refer to the 'Technical Information' tab.


We are located at:

2nd Floor

Surrey Place
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